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Marketing you skills

By Chaz Lytle, 10/19/16, 12:00PM EDT


Maximize your time and money!

Exposure:  Who, When and Where?

There are so many opportunities for players to get exposure.  Here are a few tips to make sure that you are maximizing your time and money.  

Who?:  Put your ego aside and be realistic.  If you dream of playing at a TOP D1 school, are you willing to first hone your skills at a JUCO like I did?   The talent at JUCO and D2 is extremely high in the Southeast.  Realistically, which program would give you the most opportunity to play and develop?  Compare the scholarship opportunities and educational  offerings.  

When?:  Make sure that you are ready to be seen.  You need to know what Scouts are looking for, develop your skills and strategies so that you get good exposure instead of exposed.  It is important for parents to understand that just because a player can be seen at an early age, doesn't mean it is a good opportunity.  Don't hurt your chances by getting seen before you are ready.

Where?:  Do your research before signing up for showcases or camps.  Which Colleges will be in attendance?  Who is representing the College team?  How many Prospects will be in attendance?  Realistically, what are your chances of being seen?  Is it better for you to go to a showcase with your team or a camp as an individual?

Obviously, there is much more to the process.  As someone that played at all levels of the game, I have the expertise and experience to help my guys maximize their time, money and efforts.  Email me at and I will gladly share some of my Trade Secrets with you.